The Volcanic Winds Project is an arts organisation initiated by Kristi Monfries, an independent arts producer and curator currently based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. She has been producing and curating innovative projects between Australia and Indonesia since 2007.

The Volcanic Winds Project works with an array of cross-disciplinary projects coming out of Indonesia and South East Asia. It seeks to respond to the ever changing and rapidly evolving art scenes by initiating projects that reflect these artistic shifts. The Volcanic Winds Project focuses on projects that are highly collaborative, experimental and inclusive with the main aim of exchanging ideas and skills between artists from a variety of backgrounds and expertise, that can result in gallery shows, workshops, performances and musical events.

Some examples of Kristi’s work as an Independent Curator and Arts Producer are ILMU FestivalTropis///Subsonics FestivalThe Instrument Builders Project, Ruang Mes56: Contemporary Photography from Indonesia and partnerships with organisations such Hackteria Lab 2014 at Bumi Pemuda Rahayu. She was also the Associate Producer in Jogyakarta for the Australian Embassy Jakarta’s Arts and Cultural Program 2014.

Kristi Monfries is also responsible for managing Senyawa one of the more exciting new music duo’s to come out of Indonesia.

The Volcanic Winds Team

Stufvani Ghendis
Wukir Suryadi
Rully Herman