Ancient MSG is a new experimental and collaborative performance piece by Indonesian artists Ican Harem, Tamara Pertamina, Andreas Siagian and Lintang Radittya, and Australian artists Debris Facility, Lara Thoms, Tarquin Manek and Tim Dwyer.

The collective of artists come from diverse backgrounds and art practices, such as live video, synth building, hacker collectives, experimental music, traditional craft, fashion, bio-hacking, sculpture and live art.

It has been curated and produced by Kristi Monfries, and forms part of Gertrude Contemporary’s ongoing cultural exchange program titled The Independence Project, which, in 2015, has taken place in collaboration with independent Jogjakarta-based curators, Kristi Monfries and Grace Samboh.

Ancient MSG brings to light the mystical and historical revelations of the Javanese prophet, Jayabaya, King of Kediri Java. This king from the twelfth century predicted many truths about the twenty-first century, such as the shift to e-commerce, the push for transgender marriage, the existence of parallel universes, environmental disasters, mistrust of religion, and the eternal battle between good and evil forces. Drawing on traditional Javanese systems of belief, this contemporary interpretation of Jayabaya prophesies will be presented within the framework of a subversive new pantomime using song, dance, and live electronic music, video and live video feeds.