Lebanese born and now Berlin based musician Rabih Beaini (DJ Morphosis – Morphine Records) presented at the Yogya Biennale a very special and rare set alongside Rully Herman and Wukir Suryadi (Senyawa) in a power trio of electronic music, live DJing, Javanese percussion and tribal screams.

Rabih’s DJ sets have represented a new direction in electronic new music and sampling, that incorporates a wider selection of musical references and ideas, that can titter from classic dance music to experimental electronics and traditional musics that start from classic DJing morphing towards abstracted techno.

Leilani Hermiasih (Frau) and Lintang Radittya will perform an improvised synth work using Lintang’s unique circuitry, custom built for this performance alongside Leilani’s melodic keyboard sounds. Harsh noise and lyrical melody meet somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

El Rabih Beaini is the label owner of Morphine Records, who has in recent years been responsible for releasing some of the best experimental techno, electronic and experimental music to date such as the legendary Pauline Oliveras and Ione, Metasplice, Hieroglyphic Being, Pierre Bastien and local boys— Senyawa. Rabih Beaini is also the curator for CTM Festival 2016.