featuring Padepokan Gunung Ukir, Directed by Gideon Obarzanek (INDO/AUS)

Calling on the Javanese tradition of spiritual possession through trance-induced music and dance ceremonies, KUDA LUMPING presents a ritual performance rarely seen outside of Indonesia, where the lines between control and chaos, audience and performer grow perilously fragile.

Led by the powerful mystic Pak Ki Iswandi, the Padepokan Gunung Ukir will perform the KUDA LUMPING dance ritual accompanied by the driving trance beat of a fractured gamelan. As the ritual progresses, performers enter frenzied states of possession, channelling ancestral spirits that keep them safe as they enact extreme feats of physical strength and endurance.

For Supersense Festival, director Gideon Obarzanek (founding Artistic Director, Chunky Move) reframes this performance in an entirely contemporary context within an immersive illuminated chamber created by lighting designer Ben Cisterne.

KUDA LUMPING is commissioned by the Asian Performing Arts Program for Supersense.

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