Kristi Monfries is currently working as lead curator and producer, with co-curator with Joel Stern on The Instrument Builders Project which is a multi-staged collaboration between Australia and Indonesia visual artists and musicians. It has seen 2 iterations of the project over the last 2 years with Stage One and Stage Two being held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Stage Two being generously supported by the Australia Embassy’s 2014 Indonesia Australia Cultural Year.

The project so far has facilitated the work of 16 different artists and resulted in 35 different artworks. The Instrument Builders Project will culminate with Stage Three at The National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne November 2014.

More info: The Instrument Builders Project

About the project

The ‘Instrument Builders Project’ (IBP) is a collaboration between Australian and Indonesian artists and musicians in which the artists conceptualise, build, perform and exhibit new works together over the course of a shared residency. The IBP centres on an evolving ‘project space’, with elements of studio and gallery, open to the public throughout the duration of the project, with public programs (concerts, exhibitions, workshops and talks) punctuating periods of experimental ‘free time’.

The works created through the IBP use traditional craft-based techniques as a starting point and avant-garde forms and practises including experimental musical instruments, sound sculptures, installation, conceptual and instructional works, and live art.

Funded by Australia Council, Australia Indonesia Institute, Asialink and the Australia International Cultural Council